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White Crane is committed to a safe work environment.

Daily Job Hazard Assessments making safety our number one concern. Our employees are dedicated to working safely on every job site and take extreme measures to prevent accidents at your workplace. Our cranes are inspected daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that our equipment is in safe working condition.

Our crane operators and riggers are licensed by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) and have taken courses to understand the risk involved in the crane and rigging industry. All Employees have OSHA 10.

Our employees have monthly safety meetings to discuss the risks involved in working at different sites.  Our cranes are inspected daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that our equipment are in safe working condition.

Call all utility companies at least two business days prior to beginning any work that includes excavation.  This will prevent any underground wires and lines from damage.

If you are working around power poles and power lines, notify the electrical company. Even if you call ahead, always assume the lines are live and take the necessary precautions to prevent striking, touching, or damaging the lines.

Schedule brief meetings with your employees, construction workers, and equipment operators each day before work begins to advise them on safety precautions and regulations. The more everyone hears it, the less likely accidents will happen.

Use signs at the construction site to warn and remind passers-by and construction workers of the dangers on the site such as power line locations, hard hat areas, etc.